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About the Author

After years of consuming science fiction through a steady diet of books, movies, TV shows, and video games, Paul Tassi eventually decided to try writing his own stories in the genre. He didn't imagine he'd ever actually finish a single book, but now that he's started writing, he doesn't want to stop.


Paul has finished writing and publishing his science fiction series, The Earthborn Trilogy. His first book, The Last Exodus, was released in 2012, while his second book, The Exiled Earthborn, came out in 2013, while the final installment, The Sons of Sora was released in 2015.


Paul lives in Chicago with his beautiful and supportive wife. He writes for Forbes and his work also appears on IGN, Men's Fitness, The Daily Dot, Unreality Magazine, TVOvermind and more. It's a slow day if he's written less than 10,000 words.


Having someone, anyone read his stories has been an incredible experience, and Paul is extremely grateful for all the support he's received regarding his work so far.

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