A man lives through the death of his planet, then must search the stars to find another

One war is over, but the fates of countless worlds rest in the hands of Earth's survivors

The struggle for control of the galaxy takes one final dark and terrifying turn.


"What would happen if you threw Independence Day, The Walking Dead, and Guardians of the Galaxy into a blender? I can’t say for sure, but it’d probably look something like The Last Exodus. Tassi’s book is a clear, clever and action-packed romp that will undoubtedly appeal to sci-fi veterans and novices alike."

Blake J. Harris, Author of Console Wars


"A well-grounded, grim tale of first contact . . . Debut novelist Tassi gifts his characters with solid motivations and understandable responses to the postapocalyptic setting."

Publisher's Weekly


"The Last Exodus is a classic sci-fi adventure with modern sensibilities. The characters are fully-realized people and fascinating to follow around, scarred by living through the end of the world but still so very human...It never overstays its welcome or gets bogged down in technobabble, moving from scene to scene like the best films of its genre. You will not be disappointed!."

Christopher S. Carrig, Amazon



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